Paste Text from Word into the Blackboard Text Editor

When copying text directly from a word document into Blackboard Learn, a lot of extraneous software-specific code is brought over along with the text. This increases the size of your course needlessly and may have additional repercussions. There are two ways to ensure that you copy only the text you need from Word into Blackboard:
  1. Paste the text first into a plain text editor such as Notepad, and then copy into the Blackboard content item;
  2. Use the Paste from Word mashup tool in the content item text editor.
 To use the mashup tool:

NOTE: This tool works best with Internet Explorer.
When using Firefox, the first time you paste into the window (step #3), and then complete the steps, the text will not appear in the Window. You will have to paste a second time, complete the steps described, and then the text will appear.

Although we have found that Firefox appears to work better for most Blackboard Learn functions, if you plan to copy a lot of material from Word into elements of your Blackboard course, Internet Explorer is the better option for this particular tool.