course menu

The Course Menu

The course menu can be used to structure your course. You can use the course menu as the fundamental navigation component of a course, you can set up your course to primarily use the content frame and use the menu for peripheral, or you can create any combination of menu and content area designs that suit your course subject, structure, and teaching approach.

You can manage the course menu using the menu’s Create item function (A):


By right-clicking on the  add_link  sign, you can access the drop-down menu of items (B) that you may add to your course menu. You can add the following menu items:

Content Area

A frame that allows you to build various types of content, add assessments, or add tools to your course

Blank Page

Displays content similar to a web link, and also allows you to attach content files

Tool Link

A link to one of the available tools in the course (e.g. a wiki, blog, or discussion board)

Course Link

A link to another part of the course

External Link

A link to external content on the web

Module Page

A link to selected modules, this is structured in the same way as the default course home page


A navigation aid for a subset of course components


A line that separates menu items

You can also change the way you view the course menu and edit using the the following items:
add_link cc add a menu link
list_view Display the course menu as a list
folder_view Display the course menu as folders
display_window Display the menu as a free-floating window that can be repositioned
refresh refresh your view of the course menu to ensure it displays all changes
arrows Open a window that allows you to reorder items

Create menu links