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Whats New in blackboard learn

Blackboard Learn is a new platform. Many of the functions you use in CE Vista 8 will still be available to you, but some have changed.

Even for those of you who have taught a number of courses using Blackboard CE Vista 8 and feel very comfortable working in the system, there are changes that you need to note.

Kathy Saville, Director of Marshall University Online Design Center, has put together a very useful comparison chart that provides detail on changes in functionality between the two systems, and this should be the first port of call for experienced users. 

This area of the site also provides some additional information on changes in look, feel, and functionality between Blackboard Vista and Learn.

Some new features are outlined below:

Wikis Mashups Customized Grade View
wiki image mashups Customize Grade Center
Content Management BB Learn Toolbar NBC Learn Archives
content_management BBLearn Toolbar nbcarchives1