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Questionmark Live

Questionmark Perception is a software tool that provides the ability to create, schedule, deliver, and report on/analyze tests, surveys, and other assignment structures. Each school has an administrator who has access to the author tool and can create and maintain topic structures.

Questionmark Live is Question Mark’s web-based question authoring tool for instructors. It gives you the ability to write questions and submit them to the QM Perception authoring manager.

Why use Questionmark?

The transition from Blackboard Vista to Blackboard Learn was one to a new system, and not an upgrade to a new version of the same system. The former WebCT Vista product was purchased by Blackboard in 2005 and these separate platforms were maintained by Blackboard until their decision to discontinue support for Blackboard Vista in 2012. 

The same features and functions do not exist in each system, and one component that Blackboard Learn 9.1 lacks is detailed test item analysis and reporting capability. To shore up this gap, UAB has adopted Questionmark Perception. If you used test item analysis and reporting features in Blackboard Vista that are not currently available in Blackboard Learn, you may want to consider using Questionmark to deliver tests.

How to Use Questionmark Live

 This animated walk-through covers all the essential elements of using the software and additional support, including knowledge base and best practice documents, is located on the Questionmark support page.

We will also provide an on-site workshop.

Additional details are provided in build and share tests.