key takeaway project

Sloan-C Workshop Key Takeaway Project

Common sense can't become commonplace until shared
The knowledge you acquire in completing a Sloan-C workshop could be valuable to your colleagues in a variety of ways: At a minimum, opinions on the value and validity of each workshop you attend provides a signal on the potential value of the workshop to others; your assessment of the key points drawn from the workshop could also spark an idea for lecture, content delivery, or assessment.

We would like to collect information on the key takeaways, merits, deficiencies, and any other pertinent information related to the Sloan-C workshops so that we can provide information on relevance to colleagues, potential avenues of research in the field of online and blended learning that could be relevant and valuable to UAB, and create a database of tips gleaned from completing these workshops.

If you elect to participate (by selecting "Yes" on the registration form), we will follow up with you after the end date of your workshop and ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire that covers the following questions:
  • The most significant points you learned from the workshop
  • The most pertinent questions for further study that arose from participation in the workshop
  • The least clear point or learning objective of the workshop
  • Any significant changes you would make ot the content of the workshop
  • Your personal recommendation on the value of the workshop

Participation in this project is entirely voluntary and can be anonymous if you so choose. This project is internal, and entirely separate from any post-workshop assessment that Sloan-C may conduct. Our aim is to assess the value of  the workshop series and establish a clear communication of that value to the UAB teaching community.