The future is a global community of readers and viewers who decide what content they want to see and when and how and where they want to see it.

More than one billion people use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn and other sites to create and publish content to connect, inform and amuse themselves and others. Social media is just a term for any online tool that enables you to engage your audience.

Content can take many forms — words, photos, audio, video or a link. It can be a story that offers insight into research results or brags about public service, an invitation to an event or photos or video of it during and afterward. It can introduce a newcomer to your readers, pat a student on the back or give a retiring colleague a chance to say goodbye.

UAB encourages its employees and units to use social media to reach professional and business objectives, and we’re here to help you understand policies and practices that apply and guide you in using these tools to best serve your unit, audience and the interests of UAB.

The UAB Office of Public Relations and Marketing maintains an institutional Facebook page for UAB at and Twitter feeds at @uabnews and @uabgreenmail.