We are asking UAB units to submit information about your marketing and advertising efforts before you purchase or deploy them. This system provides a menu of options that include both traditional and digital marketing and promotion. 

  • Media buys: print, TV, radio, billboard, and digital/social, including AdWords
  • Creative services: graphic design, video production, still photography, media plans and placements, social and/or digital marketing, email marketing, social media consulting, web development, marketing plans, and copy-writing. 

Once you have submitted your proposal, you will receive  notification from our office to proceed with routing your contract. If there are any issues, we will follow up with you to address them. UAB Financial Affairs will not proceed with processing a contract unless you have received approval first. This process will also notify the  communication director of your college, school or business unit. 

We are working with the University of Alabama System to ensure that our brand is propelled and protected, and that we are all working in the most efficient and budget-friendly environment to maximize our resources and impact. This process is part of a UA Systems Office request that marketing and advertising material be routed through the Chief Communication Officer.  This centralization will allow the campuses in the System to:

  • Determine and monitor their total advertising budget;
  • Explore the financial benefits and process efficiencies in System-wide RFPs;
  • Prevent unnecessary duplication of efforts and accrue cost savings;
  • Ensure that each campus's branding is current and consistent.

If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask: marketing@uab.edu