Putting the UAB logo on your print and electronic communications connects you to the reputation of UAB, its schools and departments. It’s also required by UAB.

There are several approved logos — including special logos for departments and programs — and we can help you get the right version for your site, publication or collateral.

These guidelines ensure UAB logos are used appropriately:

  • The UAB logo must be the dominant element of any communication for the university, research initiatives and community-based services.
  • The logo should be surrounded on all sides by clear space, no less than one-half the height of the UAB monogram. Do not print graphics, rules, typography or other elements in this area.
  • The wordmark should always appear as Avenir LT Standard 85 Heavy ALL CAPS.
  • The tagline should always appear as Avenir LT STD 85 Heavy, left justified and proportionally set to 80 percent of the Standard UAB logo.
  • There is no period at the end of the tagline.
  • It is preferred that the logo appear as two-color: the monogram is PMS 3425 Forest Green and the wordmark and tagline in black. Other color variations include one color black or white (reversed.)

NOTE: Use of the UAB logo in conjunction with the logos or marks of other organizations (including corporate sponsors and government entities) in any publication, advertisement or other external communication must be reviewed by University Relations.

Logos on this page are for demonstration purposes only. Download them here.

The Monogram

The UAB monogram alone has a very visible presence and on occasion may be used alone for special applications when space is limited, such as signage or small promotional items.



The Standard UAB Logo (monogram + wordmark)

The logo incorporates two graphic elements: the UAB monogram and “The University of Alabama at Birmingham” wordmark.


The Standard UAB Logo + Tagline

This preferred logo incorporates three graphic elements: the UAB monogram, “The University of Alabama at Birmingham” as the wordmark and the tagline "Knowledge that will change your world."

LEVEL 1 DEMO with tagline


The Vertical Standard Logo

The vertical logo, justified left, right or center, can be used when space is limited or when the logo must appear in a grouping with other logos, such as sponsorships or partnership listings.

LEVEL 1 left flushLEVEL 1 centeredLEVEL 1 right flush

The Monogram + Unit Logo + Tagline

Reserved for use for schools, foundations, board-approved centers and facilities, this version must use the tagline.


The Monogram + Unit + Subordinate Unit Logo

University monogram with unit wordmark is reserved for use for schools, foundations, centers and facilities.


Tertiary level unit (programs, divisions, etc) can be applied under the department subordinate name and should always appear as Avenir Book 45, left justified and set at the same proportion as the subordinate unit.



University Relations must approve advertising and signage applications that carry the UAB logo.