For UAB Joomla Web sites, sidebars help you to find your way around the site. The left sidebar generally contains menu items that point to articles that make up the content in the site. A Joomla Web site can have many sidebar menus that represent different areas of the site. When your Web site is first created, four navigation menus are pre-defined for you; these are called Area 1 Sidebar, Area 2 Sidebar, Area 3 Sidebar and Area 4 Sidebar. You can add links to newly created articles in any of these sidebar menus.

Photo of horizontal menu and sidebar navigation menus

Creating a New Left Sidebar Menu

This section covers the back-end—or structural—creation of a menu. To “see” the menu from the front-end—or user—view, please refer to Part 11 – Presentation – Editing Menu Modules.

Go to Menus > Menu Manager then click on New to add an additional menu. Fill out the form to name the menu so you will be able to identify which menu it is when it is time to work in that area of the site.

SUGGESTION: Make a new menu and call it Area 5 Sidebar menu. You will need to fill all 3 fields (copy-and- paste is acceptable). When you are complete, click Save. See example below.  Click "Save & Close." This is creating a new container to house your menu items.
Menu details photo

In order to access your new menu, click on the Menus dropdown at the top of the page and find your menu title, or click on the Menu Manager.

Adding Items to the Menu

Go to the Menu Manager.  Click on the name of the menu to add menu items.

Locate the menu

You will then click on New to add a new menu item.

Give the Menu Item a Title (in this example, the menu title will later be displayed as a menu link). Click on Select beside the Menu Item Type.  This is where we will navigate to display an article (Area 5 Sidebar) on the menu.

Enter a title and select menu type.

Next, we will need to specify what type of menu item type is needed.  In this example, we are going to point to a single article.  Let's click on the "Single Article" option under Articles.

Choose a single article.

You will now see that "Single Article" is filled into the menu item type.  Below that, we will now Select and Article by clicking on the Select button beside the Select Atricle option.

 Browse and select the article (SUGGESTION:  Area 5 Landing Page) you would like associated with your menu item.

Browse to Article

Click on "Save & Close."

Congrats, you now have a menu.  Unfortunately, we cannot yet see the menu until we add it to our site.

SUGGESTION: Add a second item to the Area 5 Sidebar. This is done in the same way you added the first item, except this time you will select a parent item for your new menu link. Select Area 5 Sidebar as the parent so the menu items will be indented.

 You will go through the steps outlined above adding new titles and one change - you will select a parent item. The Parent Item will be Area 5 Sidebar. Make sure you choose Article 1 and Article 2 from the Category of Area 5.

When complete, your new sidebar menu should look like this from the back-end:
Photo of the final sidebar.
Horizontal Navigation Menu Bar

The items in the Horizontal Navigation Menu Bar then point to each of the individual sidebars using an alias link. (This alias creates a link to an existing menu item.) An exception might be an item in the horizontal menu that just points to a single page of content such as a “Contact Us” page.

If you visit the site now, you will see the links in the horizontal menu, and upon clicking one you will see a list of all the articles/pages belonging to that area.