Betsy Cates

Betsy Cates is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, with a concentration in Graphic Design. She specializes in graphic & web design.

Personal Life
Betsy was known as Betsy Tapley until this past summer, when she married Bryan Cates on July 27th at the Tutwiler Hotel. She enjoys running and creating various desserts -- especially fruit cobblers.

But she primarily enjoys spending her free time with her 2-year-old daughter. Betsy created an email address to send notes, letters, pictures, and other information to her daughter. Betsy’s daughter will be surprised with access to the account when she turns 16.

Student Life
Betsy was part of a student group in a field study class that was tasked with helping to rebrand UAB’s Art Department. The logo that she worked on was chosen as the new logo for the rebranding effort. Submissions were critiqued, and the winner was selected, by Art Department faculty, including interim gallery director John Fields.

Fellow Life
During her time with UAB Digital Media, Betsy has worked on numerous graphic design projects on her own and as part of a team. She is the point person for our web content publishing via Joomla. Additionally, she created the Prezi presentation that our very own Scott Thigpen used while delivering a presentation at a TedX conference in Huntsville.

While a Media Fellow with us, Betsy wants to develop her web development skills. She is particularly interested in learning both HTML5, JQuery Mobile, and JavaScript. She is also excited about working in a primarily team-based environment and collaborating with other students who all share similar interests in digital media.

Life After UAB
Betsy would really like to get an “awesome job” as a web designer or developer after graduation. Her quintessential awesome job would include not being required to sit at a desk all day, flexible hours, and producing creative, design-based work for and with clients. Beyond her ideal job, Betsy wants to begin a new chapter of life, possibly including a move and fresh start to introduce a new adventure with its own challenges.