Summer 2013 Interns
Jeremy ultimately hopes to create his own IT/IS service where people are free to express themselves.

When he’s not visiting Napoleonic cheese forts in France, Ryan dreams of becoming a successful studio artist.

One of the videos that Jessica made gained over 60,000 views on YouTube.

In his spare time, Razaq works as an artist behind his own brand.

Ross worked with Apple® for 6 years.

Upon graduation, Eric would like to break into the field of computer animation or film making.

Daniel has won several ADDY Awards, including wins for his work on a Sloss Rebranding Campaign, the Red Cat website, and the Consigliere.

Ciara was a published poet at the age of 13 and has received multiple honors and awards since then.

Clarence recently made a short documentary about the effects of PTSD on a double amputee Iraq veteran.


Kevin is Avid certified in Pro Tools and also has a home music studio where he records the music of local bands.


Jimmy is a former Aircraft Mechanic.

Dane has touched both sides of the Pacific Ocean with the same pair of shoes.

One of Zoe's many talents is that she can quickly recite all 50 states in alphabetical order.

Olalekan contributed his writing to the University Writing Center's Policies and Procedures manual.

Sarah would love to work as a designer for the Def Jam record label.

Jamel has been personally thanked on Twitter by musicians.

Sara received a scholarship to study in Xi'an, China with the Confucius Institute. 

Amanda has made two documentaries featuring the Tragic City Rollers and Carlton Reese Memorial Union Choir.

Shafiq writes articles with his friends for his blog The Rounding Sound.

Hollie worked in a cognitive psychology lab for nearly a year, and was a pre-med major for three years.

Betsy is proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and is also a member of UAB's honor society Alpha Epsilon Delta.