Pre-Law Program

Pre-Law Program

Information for Those interested in Law School

For more information or to schedule pre-law advising, please contact the Pre-Law Program Director: Anne P. Wheeler, J.D., 205-934-2069.

The Pre-Law Program at UAB is intended to help students interested in attending law school and pursuing a career in the legal profession to achieve those goals by providing them with pre-law advising; an opportunity to pursue an academic minor that exposes them to the substantive study of the law; an opportunity to participate in experiential learning through internships with local law firms and the University’s Mock Trial Team; and an opportunity to participate in the undergraduate Pre-Law Society, an extracurricular student organization dedicated to serving undergraduate students with a pre-law interest by sponsoring activities throughout the year, including the annual Pre-Law Forum. Scholarships are also available for qualified students.

The Pre-Law Program is overseen by a Program Director and supported by faculty members in the Departments of Justice Sciences, Government and Public Affairs, and Philosophy, and by members of the Birmingham Bar Association who give of their time and talent including guest lecturing in various law and law-related classes; overseeing programmatic fundraising and scholarship development; and providing students with internship opportunities in various settings.

Legal Affairs Minor
A critical component of the Pre-Law Program at UAB is its Legal Affairs minor, designed to help students learn to think both critically and creatively about law. Because the curriculum is interdisciplinary and presents law as the subject of liberal inquiry, students in the minor examine law from various perspectives. The minor also provides students the opportunity to develop a solid foundation of knowledge regarding such topics as the origins and functions of law; the basic rules of law; comparative legal systems; law as a social phenomenon; the influences and effects of the legal profession on society; and the impact of societal trends and changes on law. The minor requires 18 semester hours of credits, divided into required courses, core electives, and other electives. For more information on the Legal Affairs minor consult the Pre-Law Program Director, Pre-Law Society Faculty Advisor, or the Chair of Justice Sciences.

Mock Trial Team
An important experiential learning component of the UAB Pre-Law Program is the University’s Mock Trial team which competes annually along with more than 500 colleges and universities from across the U.S. and Canada under the auspices of the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). Since fielding its first team during the 1995-1996 academic year, a UAB team has routinely earned a bid to the National Tournament which it won in 2006. The mock trial competitive season spans the Fall and Spring semesters, requiring team members to travel to invitational competitions in November and to Regional Competitions in February. Those teams earning a bid to a National Tournament Competition compete in St. Paul, Minnesota, Des Moines, Iowa or Tampa, Florida each March/April. Students earn a minimum of 3 hours of academic credit and a maximum of 6 hours of academic credit by enrolling in JS434 Mock Trial Competition in the fall or spring semesters.  For more information about UAB’s Mock Trial Team, please contact team Coach Nathan Mays or the Pre-Law Program Director.

Visit the UAB Mock Trial Team website by clicking here.

Pre-Law Internships
A further aspect of the experiential learning component of the Pre-Law Program is the opportunity for students to pursue internships with local law firms, judges’ offices, or corporate legal departments. Complete information on these opportunities is available from the Internship Coordinator, Prof. Martha Earwood or the Pre-Law Program Director.

Pre-Law Society
The student-run Pre-Law Society, hosted by the Department of Government and Public Affairs, is an extracurricular opportunity for students to participate in law-related activities, including the annual Pre-Law Forum at which representatives from dozens of law schools are available to discuss law school admissions. For more information on the UAB Pre-Law Society, please contact its Faculty Advisor, Dr. Rob Robinson.