College of Arts and Sciences


Arts and Humanities

African American Studies

Art-choose a concentration: *Art History, *Art Studio, *BFA in Art Studio

Communication Studies-choose a concentration: *Communication Management, *Mass Communication Broadcasting
*Mass Communication Journalism, *Mass Communication Public Relations

English-choose a concentration: *General English, *Creative Writing, *Linguistics, *Professional Writing

Foreign Languages and Literatures:
*French   *Spanish

Music-choose a concentration—audition required: *Music, *Music Technology,

*Music Education-Instrumental or Vocal


*General Philosophy

Theatre-choose a concentration: *General Theatre, *Pre-professional Performance,
*Pre-professional Design/Technology, *Musical Theatre (audition only)

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Biology-choose a concentration: *General Biology, *Molecular Biology, *Marine Science

Chemistry-choose a concentration: *Chemistry, *Biochemistry, *Polymer/Materials,
*Forensic Chemistry, *Chemical Education

Computer and Information Sciences
*General Computer Science

Environmental Science-individually designed degree

Mathematics-choose a concentration:
*General Mathematics,
*Applied Mathematics & Scientific Computation,  *Mathematical Reasoning

Natural Science

Physics- choose a concentration: *General Physics, *Biophysics

Social & Behavioral Sciences


Criminal Justice


International Studies


Political Science

*American Government and Political Theory

*Comparative Politics / International Relations


Social Work

Sociology- choose a concentration: *Sociology, *Social Psychology