Transfer and Future Students

Guidelines for Future Students

Admission as a degree-seeking, Health Related Programs - Nursing Interest student through UAB Undergraduate Admission is the first step toward a major in Nursing.
Admission is based on high school and prior college coursework, along with any necessary college admission entrance exam scores.  The online application is available at the following site: Application for UAB Undergraduate Admission.

Once you are admitted as an undergraduate, Health Related Programs- Nursing Interest student, contact your assigned Pre-Nursing Advisor in the CAS Advising office at 205-934-6135 to schedule an appointment.  Click here for meeting dates.

During your appointment, the Pre-Nursing Advisor will review your academic record, including an evaluation of any previous college course work, to establish a plan for the sequencing of the pre-nursing courses you need to complete before admission to the School of Nursing. Your Pre-Nursing Advisor will also explain the requirements and process for admission to the BSN Program.

Qualified students who have either completed the required pre-nursing courses or are in the last semester of pre-nursing courses will receive the School of Nursing (SON) BSN application from their assigned Pre-Nursing Advisor through an individual appointment or through a group session.

More Information for Transfer Students

If you are planning on transferring to UAB from another college or university you will need to complete the UAB Application for Undergraduate Admission.

Transfer students must have an overall 2.75 GPA to be listed as a Health Related Programs- Nursing Interest student. If the overall GPA is below a 2.75 the major will be listed as Liberal Arts/Health Related Programs.  You will work with an advisor in the CAS Advising office to assess your academic record.

If you have questions regarding the acceptance of transfer credits please review the following sites: