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Lab members (from left to right): Rishi Deshpande, Casey Eubanks, Rebecca Donnelly, Kaitlyn Rody, Dr. Rajesh Kana, Carla Ammons, Abbey Herringshaw, Thomas DeRamus, Claire Crider, and Omar Maximo.

  Lab Director

Rajesh_KanaRajesh Kana, PhD: My primary research interest is in asking neuroscience questions pertaining to social cognitive and linguistic functions. Perhaps an ideal venue for studying social cognition is autism spectrum disorder, an intriguing disorder marked by cognitive and social impairments. I use neuroimaging to study typical population as well as those with neurodevelopmental disorders.
Email: rkana@uab.edu

  Ph.D. Students
AbbeyAbbey Herringshaw: I am a first year student in the Medical/Clinical Psychology program. My research focuses autism spectrum disorders, with a particular interest in the application of neuroimaging methods to clinical intervention. As such, I would like to investigate the neural basis of autism to facilitate the design of more targeted treatments. I am also interested in how existing treatments alter brain structure and function in individuals with autism. My current work includes examinations of the neural correlates of language production and processing in individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
Email: abbeyjh@uab.edu

CarlaAmmonsCarla Ammons: I am a first year graduate student in the Medical/Clinical Psychology program. My research interests include the neural mechanisms of social cognition and how neurobiological differences between individuals and patient populations contribute to social behavior. I am also interested in the application of neuroimaging techniques to improve diagnosis, treatment planning, and evaluating intervention in neurodevelopmental and pediatric neurological conditions.
Email: cjammons@uab.edu

carl stevensCarl Stevens: I am a second year graduate student in the behavioral neuroscience program in the department of Psychology. My current work includes the assessment of functional connectivity in ASD, and the design and implementation of social robots in ASD interventions. I am also interested in how we process and interact with humanoid robots at various levels, and how their uses might be optimized and expanded in to other domains. My future plans include an exploration of the neural basis of conceptual knowledge, and the dynamics of concept formation.
Email: landart727@gmail.com

Maximo Omar1smallOmar Maximo: I am a second year graduate student in the Lifespan Developmental program in the department of Psychology at UAB. My current interest is functional brain integration in autism spectrum disorders using various neuroimaging approaches to better understand the neural complexity of ASD. My long-term goal is to determine the significance of brain functioning as a neurobiological biomarker of autism.
Email: omaximo@uab.edu

thomaswebsiteThomas DeRamus: I am a third year Behavioral Neuroscience student. My research interests include morphological and functional alterations in the brains of individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders and the relationship these changes share with behavior. I am also interested in genetic and biochemical contributions in neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism (using magnetic resonance spectroscopy and molecular analytic techniques) and the influence these factors may have on morphometric changes in the brain.
Email: faustus@uab.edu

Undergraduate Students
2014-02-14 09.19.26Kaitlyn Rody: I am a UAB undergraduate student majoring in Psychology with a minor in German. After graduating, I plan to take a year off to work and gain clinical experience before applying to Physician Assistant Programs. My current research interests include investigating the underlying causes of Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder in adolescents and to improve the types of interventions used as treatment. I am also interested in learning about the neural origins of cognition and language with regard to developmental disorders such as autism.
Email: krody71@uab.edu

ClaireCriderClaire Crider: I am a senior in the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program here at UAB.  I will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience, with minors in Chemistry, Biology, and Psychology. I am pursuing a career in Medicine, and after graduating I hope to attend Medical School. I am interested in diseases and disorders of the nervous system as well as the treatments of those diseases and disorders. I am also interested in intervention/treatments, especially involving effects of brain connectivity, communication, and language, that can be measured using techniques such as neuroimaging.
Email: clairec@uab.edu

Rishi_Deshpande2Rishi Deshpande: After completing graduate degrees in biomedical engineering and electrical engineering, I have focused on fMRI data acquisition and analysis, and how different techniques can be applied to achieve the best possible scientific results. I am actively involved in providing computational and neuroimaging assistance to various projects in the lab.
Email: vonrishi@uab.edu

Former lab members

  • Lauren Libero, Ph.D. - Post Doctoral Fellow, UC Davis Mind Institute
  • Donna Murdaugh, Ph.D. - Clinical Internship, Emory University
  • Briley Black, B.S. - Medical student, UAB School of Medicine
  • Sandhya Kumar, B.S. - Medical student, UAB School of Medicine