A growing list of partners, collaborators and supporters in all areas of our research

Argonne National Laboratory – Advanced Photon Source

  • ASBC - The Alabama Structural Biology Consortium
  • Bayer Schering AG
  • BioNanomatrix
  • Centocor
  • Cephalon
  • CFFT - The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics
  • Coley Pharmaceuticals
  • DOD - Department of Defense
  • DOW Agro Sciences
  • Fluidigm Corporation
  • Genomic Solutions
  • Hampton Research
  • JSC - Johnson Space Center – Houston, TX
  • KSC – Kennedy Space Center
  • MSFC - Marshall Space Flight Center – Huntsville, AL
  • MedaRex
  • Merck and Company
  • NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • NIH - National Institutes of Health
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Pfizer, Inc.
  • PLS Designs
  • Rigaku
  • SERCEB  - The Southeast Regional Center for Excellence for Emerging Infections and Biodefense
  • SERCAT – The Southeast Regional Collaborative Access Team
  • Sidec Technologies
  • SGX Pharmaceuticals
  • Shering-Plough Research Institute
  • Southern Research
  • UCB
  • VivoBioSciences

Thanks to our many academic partners
Duke University , Harvard, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, MIT, University of Georgia, Mississippi State University, Vanderbilt University, University of North Carolina, Auburn University, Drexel University, Stanford University, Scripps, University of Alabama at Huntsville, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Ohio State University, University of Illinois- UC, University of Florida, Emory University, Washington University St. Louis, University of Connecticut, University of Pennsylvania, Rosalind University, Karolinska Institute, German Cancer Research Center, University of St. Andrews, Max Planck Institute, University of Glasgow, University of Leeds, University of Limerick, University of Oxford, University of Lisboa  

The CBSE is proud to be part of The University of Alabama at Birmingham and in particular the X-Ray Crystallography Core Facility for the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center (www.uab.edu)