Dave_Evans_LabThe CBSE engineering labs include over 4000 sq. ft of hardware fabrication and assembly lab space.  In addition, CBSE is equipped with a 1000 sq. ft 100k class clean room facility available for hardware systems requiring this type of environment for final assembly.

Lab capabilities include metrology/inspection, mechanical hardware assembly, electrical board population, electrical component and system testing, EPROM coding and burn-in, ESD workstations, electrical assembly, acoustic testing, thermal testing, vacuum testing, and pressure testing. We have a full range of NASA calibrated tools within our labs, including precise metrology equipment used for dimensional inspection of parts. For processes and testing not performed "in-house", the Engineering Division utilizes either NASA facilities or other certified private labs with which the Division has developed relationships. These activities include vibration testing, EMI testing, and material plating processes.

Research Machine Shop

The Research Machine Shop (RMS) has been serving the fabrication needs of researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham  since the 1960's. Projects range from the precision fabrication of experiment hardware for use in space flight research and customized instruments for surgery, to the construction of simple trays and stands that are not commercially available. Repairs/modifications of existing equipment is also a common task for the RMS.  The members of the Research Machine Shop staff have extensive experience in the machining and fabrication of precision parts and instruments.

Remote Operations Control Center (ROCC)

IMG 3995Since the launch of STS-100, all CBSE mission operations are performed locally at the UAB Remote Payload Operations Control Center in Birmingham, Alabama. This allows CBSE to receive real time health and status of payloads operating on the International Space Station.  In the past, our operations team supported missions from either the Johnson Space Center, or the Marshall Space Flight Center.  With the local Operations Center, technical disciplines and scientific support are readily available to make real time decisions, if required.