Mechanical Engineering

The CBSE Mechanical Engineering team provides services to a wide array of partners including university and research laboratories, NASA, aeronautical industries, and government organizations such as the Department of Defense. Design examples include the following:
  • Design and integration of payloads into the Spacelab Module, Spacelab Pallets, MPESS, STS Middeck, MPLM, SPACEHAB, and Space-X DragonGLACIER_Test_at_MSFC_011_
  • Experiment Racks for Spacelab and ISS Missions
  • Multiple Protein Crystal Growth systems for ground laboratories, STS and ISS missions
  • Fluid manipulation in microgravity, both manually and robotically
  • Laser light scattering and video detection systems for use in detecting nucleation within protein solutions
  • High intensity X-ray systems with low power consumption for use aboard the ISS
  • Integration of Thermal Electric Devices into space flight qualified refrigerators/incubators
  • Integration of Stirling Engines into space flight qualified cryogenic freezers
  • Handheld Biosensors for packaging of airborne pathogen detectors
  • Heavy lifting devices for miliary aircraft loading
  • High resolution video imaging and automation packagin for biotechnology hardware

Mechanical Design

CBSE has an extensive history of developing mechanical designs in compliance with the requirements of MIL-STD-100 and ANSI Y14.5M. Designs are produced with solid modeling packages Solid Edge and ProE.  Expertise with other CAD packages such as Microstation and EMS is also available. An on-site research machine shop provides a seamless interaction between the design and manufacturing process. CBSE maintains configuration control over released drawings and analyses through a configuration management system that has been certified to ISO9001:2008 with design and AS9100 Revision C.

Structural Analysis

CBSE supports all designs with a dynamic and structural analysis conforming to thermal_analysisthe needs of the customer based on “intended use”. Designs for an environment where failure could result in damage to personnel or equipment receive full analysis scrutiny including the use of Finite Element Modeling and classical analysis techniques. CBSE provides full Finite Element Modeling capabilities using FEMAP pre and post processing and NX NASTRAN as the solver. Design lifetime assessments using fatigue and fracture analysis through the use of standard fatigue equations and FLAGRO crack growth analysis are also provided.  LSDYNA is available for analysis solutions requiring additional non-linear analysis.

Thermal Analysis

CBSE utilizes SINDA/G for designs requiring thermal analysis such as incubators, refrigerators, or freezers. Analysis, along with breadboard testing, refines the concept to ensure the design meets customer requirements while minimizing weight, power, and insulation requirements. Full thermal analysis or simplified short analyses to prove concepts are provided