The procurement, fabrication and assembly team at CBSE consists of highly andy solderingtrained technicians in the area of procurement and management of flight hardware systems. CBSE lab personnel have extensive training in their area of expertise. The CBSE engineering labs have a proven track record for building and maintaining complex hardware systems.

The CBSE engineering is experienced in procurement of high quality aerospace grade components, raw materials, and necessary documentation required by NASA for flight hardware systems. 

The CBSE engineering labs contain an extensive hardware inventory for use in building precision hardware systems. CBSE maintains complete documentation of all hardware inventory purchased for use in flight hardware systems such as COC, lot & date code, and chemical/physical test reports. This allows for complete traceability of the materials used in the fabrication process of hardware systems developed by CBSE engineering.

Fabrication and Assembly 
The CBSE engineering labs include over 4000 sq. ft of fully equipped hardware fabrication and assembly lab space. This includes continuous monitored ESD chris_hall_labworkstations. In addition, there is also a 1000 sq. ft 100k class clean room facility available for hardware systems requiring this type of environment for final assembly. Lab capabilities include metrology/inspection, mechanical hardware assembly, electrical board population, electrical component and system testing, EPROM coding and burn-in, ESD workstations, electrical assembly, acoustic testing, thermal testing, vacuum testing, and pressure testing. A full range of NASA calibrated tools, including precise metrology equipment used for dimensional inspection of parts are available . For processes and testing not performed "in-house", the Engineering Division utilizes either NASA facilities or other certified private labs with which the Division has developed relationships. These activities include vibration testing, EMI testing, and material plating processes. The engineering laboratories work under processes identified under NASA-STD-8739, with a staff of technicians trained and certified for the activities performed. CBSE Engineering technicians have extensive experience handling NASA flight qualified hardware systems.