medicinal_chemistryCBSE has expertise in the design and synthesis of “drug-like” lead compounds for protein targets as well as optimization of existing lead compounds. The CBSE can perform contract synthesis of single compounds or discrete solution phase libraries.

CBSE identifies and optimizes lead compounds against selected, and newly defined biological targets. The X-ray crystal structure is used to perform “in silico” screening and protein structure-directed ligand design. Virtual screening approaches utilize the protein crystal structure of the ligand binding site to assign binding scores for each compound library member. These structures are used in concert with the combinatorial (parallel) solution phase synthesis of focused libraries to rapidly identify lead structures as ligands / inhibitors.

Two synthetic laboratories in the CBSE are specifically designed for parallel, solution phase chemistry and contain an integrated robotic synthesizer along with other equipment to support parallel library synthesis. The CBSE’s combinatorial chemistry capabilities include the high-throughput screening system, capable of performing assays on several thousand compounds weekly.