high_throughput_screeningThe integrated core robotic system of the CBSE’s High Throughput Screening facility provides a platform of flexibility and rich functionality in research applications for drug discovery, structural genomics, and protein crystal growth. An assortment of biochemical and molecular biology experiments can be performed, such as enzymatic activity, ELISA, receptor binding, macromolecular interaction, protein expression, as well as protein folding and assembly. The screening facility is used to identify active compounds in libraries as quickly as possible with high statistical accuracy that can be used as initial leads in drug development.

The hardware infrastructure is centered on a Beckman Sagian integrated core robotic system along with a multitude of integrated laboratory equipment. This core is enhanced by a customized software system. The optimized software adds hit consolidation capability to the core system. Additionally a recipe making program can be used to provide another user-interface to perform liquid handling functions using external file-specified parameters, thus reducing time needed to program each individual well.

A typical example of the throughput capacity is 200 plates / week for a single point enzymatic assay with 15-minute reaction time and background-sample double reading or 150 plates / week for a six-point IC50 OD/Fluorescence dual-detection assay with 10-minute enzymatic reaction time and background-sample double reading. For simple assays, it is feasible to screen 100 plates / day.