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Developmental Research Program


Edward E. Partridge, M.D.



The Developmental Research Program (DRP) for the UAB Ovarian Spore will have as its major objective the identification and fostering of new ovarian cancer research activities. The stated theme of this funding will be translational research and potential DRP investigators will be instructed that priority will be given to basic studies with significant potential for clinical translation or to actual translational projects involving human subjects. It is the intent that these developmental projects may lead to NIH R01 and/or other comparable competitive funding; may be used to expand or redirect ongoing SPORE projects; or may initiate new major SPORE projects to replace existing projects which may have been completed or may not be achieving their translational objectives. In addition, this program is also expected to attract new investigators with innovative ideas into the field of ovarian cancer research. It is by this mechanism that the UAB Ovarian SPORE anticipates sustained and measured growth in its research initiatives and scientific leadership.

The specific aims of the UAB Ovarian Cancer SPORE DRP are as follows:

  1. Publicize the availability of developmental research funds in translational ovarian cancer research.
  2. Identify projects that are innovative and have significant potential for reducing ovarian cancer incidence, morbidity, and mortality or for increasing survival.
  3. Encourage collaborations among investigators within the UAB Ovarian Cancer SPORE and with investigators outside the UAB Ovarian Cancer SPORE environment.
  4. Define specific criteria for meritorious projects.
  5. Develop a peer-review mechanism for scoring and ranking competing applications.
  6. Provide funds for developmental research both within and outside the UAB Ovarian Cancer SPORE.
  7. Develop an effective evaluation process for funded developmental research projects.

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