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Transinstitutional Advisory Committee

 The Transinstitutional Advisory Committee (TIAC) provides oversight,participates in strategic planning, disseminates ideas transinstitutionally, reviews resource allocations, sets recruitment priorities, and provides some funding for the Center. The Chair of the committee serves a two-year term. The current Chair is Dr. Tim Townes.

TIAC Members

  • Jay M. McDonald, MD; Chair, Department of Pathology, Director, Center for Metabolic Bone Disease, TIAC Chair
  • Ed Abraham, MD, Professor and Chair Department of Medicine
  • David Allison,  Ph.D., Professor of Public Health, Department of Biostatistics
  • David D. Chaplin, MD, PhD; Chair, Department of Microbiology
  • Lawrence J. DeLucas, OD, Ph.D.; Director, Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering
  • David Graves, Ph.D.; Chair, Department of Chemistry
  • William J. Koopman, MD; Distinguished Professor (Emeritus)
  • Linda C. Lucas, Ph.D.; Dean, School of Engineering
  • Peter Prevelige, Ph.D., Professor of Microbiology
  • David L. Shealy, Ph. D., Chair, Department of Physics, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Anthony Skjellum, Ph.D.; Chair, Department of Computer & Information Sciences
  • Bharat Soni, Ph.D.; Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Tim M. Townes, PhD; Chair, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
  • Lowell Wenger, Ph.D., Dean, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics



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