Beginning with the second week of the program, there will be weekly seminars covering such topics as:

Finding the right graduate program (and funding your graduate education)

  • Writing and talking about your scientific research
  • Ethics in research
  • Speakers will present seminars on various research taking place on campus
  • Preparing a scientific poster
  • Former REU participants and current grad students talk about their experience in the REU program and their current grad school experience.

The seminars are designed to expose participants to various aspects of the graduate school experience and encourages participants to think serious about the prospect of graduate school. Prior to being accepted into our REU program, some participants didn’t even know if they were going to attend graduate school. After participating in our summer program, many have left with firm decisions about the course of action they would take after completing their undergraduate degree.

We are proud to say that a number of REU participants have eventually enrolled in our graduate program and have become very productive members of our graduate student body.