The mission of the Center for Structural Biology demonstrates our commitment to research and education through exploration of structure/function relationships for biological macromolecules, the development of novel technologies for biomedical research that enhance UAB’s basic and translational research goals.  The CSB consists of integrated protein crystallization, biophysical and x-ray crystallography facilities. Total CSB membership includes more than 125 faculty and non-faculty members campus-wide, with members participating in a variety of multidisciplinary collaborations.

For example, there are currently 5 mature structure-based drug development (SBDD) projects that comprise teams with expertise in molecular biology, crystallography, microbiology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and cell biology.  Current programs focus on cancer, infectious diseases, parkinson's disease, cystic fibrosis, cardiovascular disease, bacterial infections, diabetes and immune response.  The CSB has extensive expertise in structure determination of both aqueous and membrane proteins, large macromolecular complexes and whole viruses. Detailed descriptions of individual research projects can be found by clicking on the faculty link. In the past twenty years many of our discoveries and collaborative initiatives have led to new intellectual property, patents and several successful spin-out companies.