The cryo-EM facility is equipped with an FEI Tecnai F20 200kV, field-emission gun microscope specifically designed for high-resolution imaging of both stained and unstained cryogenically frozen samples. The instrument is suitable for imaging samples ranging from 200kDa protein complexes to entire prokaryotic cells. It is equipped with software for tomographic data collection. Images may are acquired on film or with a high-sensitivity, 4k x 4k-pixel Gatan CCD camera. The facility also has two Leica Ultracut microtomes for both ambient and cryogenic sectioning, a FEI Vitrobot sample preparation robot, and access to a Tecnai T12 electron microscope through the HRIF imaging core.

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Director: Terje Dokland , Email: Phone: 205-996-4502
Staff: Cindy Rodenburg Phone: 205-996-4510