The Utilization of Self-Interaction Chromatography (SIC) to determine Protein Solubility and Physical Stability

This service includes the use of self interaction chromatography technology for the rapid determination of optimum solution conditions to maximize protein solubility and physical stability. The CSB has developed a high throughput analytical method and automated system that can determine protein-protein interactions in a variety of different solution conditions.  Results from an initial screen are input to an algorithm that predicts new solution conditions that maximize protein solubility and stability.  Alternatively this same technology can be used to optimize the attraction between two different proteins thereby leading to more stable protein complexes.  

Summary of Applications:

1) Improve crystallization parameters for protein structural studies

2) Optimize solution conditions to minimize aggregation and maximize protein solubility and stability

3) Optimizes stability of protein complexes

Equipment includes:  A custom engineered high throughput self interaction chromatography system to collect necessary data to determine optimal solution conditions for improved solubility and physical stability