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UAB's In-House Creative Agency

UAB Digital Media is UAB’s in-house advertising agency. As a part of University Relations, we can build content that aligns your communications with UAB-wide initiatives, an effort that will reduce costs for your unit as well as make the UAB story grow stronger with our vast audiences. Your content is delivered on university approved platforms, so you can be confident it is secure, accessible, and owned by UAB. And when we run a campaign, you'll get reports and data about how the campaign performed and how it affected your enrollment goals. We're here to tell the UAB story, share knowledge on our campus, and empower communicators across campus to strategically impact enrollment. 


Powered by Students

Our work is professionally managed and student-produced. We crafted our Media Fellowship and Internship to fulfill the university's mission to invest in hard-working students' lives and improve their post-graduation prospects. We give students the best opportunities to develop their talents, build a professional portfolio, and work in a supportive and team-based environment.