Karla KhodanianKarla Khodanian is a senior majoring in Communication Studies with a specialization in Public Relations. She is minoring in Marketing and Sociology, and her particular expertise is with social media.

Personal Life
Although Karla was raised in Madison, AL, she has fully adopted Birmingham as her home city. As a freshman at UAB, Karla enjoyed exploring the city and its local shops and stores. As the season changed from late summer to fall, Karla realized she loved the beauty of the city and the feeling of independence she found here. She is now one of Birmingham’s biggest civic advocates and loves to support local businesses and follow the live music scene in town.
Student Life
Karla is a doer, and it shows in her wide-ranging portfolio. She has interned with two different local record companies, and also interned with the Woodlawn Foundation. She worked on a project titled “Woodlawn Innovation Network”. It was intended to reorganize and streamline public school education in the Woodlawn area to better prepare students for college. While with the Woodlawn Foundation, Karla did a lot of graphic design work including redesigning their business card and logo.
Besides being a Media Fellow with us, Karla is also interning with REV and LIV Birmingham. She is currently working on their REVIVE Birmingham: A Street Life Project as well as organizing a Fading Ads of Birmingham downtown walking tour series.
Fellow Life
As a Media Fellow, Karla wants to learn skills such as videography, continue her work in graphic design, and gain practical experience in a project-driven environment. After only a few weeks, she has already completed her first video project and contributed to many other projects.
Karla’s first video project was assisting with creating a new video for UAB’s student recruitment team, the TrailBlazers. This video was the intro shown at Bartow Arena during this year’s UAB Days, a student recruiting event.
Life After UAB
Karla would love to work at a tech-based organization as a digital strategist or account executive. She is seeking to work at an interesting company, such as a new start-up or an innovative ad agency. Her work with social media, graphic design, public relations and marketing combined with her talent for leadership and enthusiasm for work will serve her well in her professional career.