kevin j peekKevin Peek is a senior majoring in Music Technology. He is a musician and composer with experience in audio editing.

Kevin loves music. He began by teaching himself how to play guitar at an early age. Soon he was pulling inspiration from the pop and video game music he loved to create his own original compositions. Two of Kevin’s favorite bands are the Beatles and the Beach Boys. His favorite video game composer is Nobuo Uematsu, famed for scoring the majority of the Final Fantasy series of role-playing games.
Student Life
Kevin’s major is a different type of music degree. Instead of focusing solely on performance, as many music degrees do, music technology encompasses all aspects of being a professional musician, with a focus on the technological aspect of modern music composition and editing. Though there are fewer lesson classes than required for a performance degree, the music technology program brings in computer music courses and UAB’s Computer Music Ensemble to drive home the technological aspect of the degree.
Kevin has won multiple awards for his compositions, including a National Kennedy Center ACTF award in 2012. He traveled to the Kennedy Center festival in Washington, D.C. and attended a sound design master class taught by Tony award winner Robert Kaplowitz.
Fellow Life
Kevin has composed and performed on numerous videos while working with UAB Digital Media. One of his biggest projects was composing original music for UAB’s new branding campaign, “Knowledge That Will Change Your World.” He was originally asked to take a piano melody and create something twice as fast and shape it into an upbeat, rock beat while retaining the same melody. After hearing his work for the branding campaign, UAB’s capital campaign group also engaged Kevin to compose and perform music on their newest commercial.
Life After UAB
After graduation, Kevin wants to continue composing for commercials and videos. He hopes to one day have an opportunity to compose for film or video games. Additionally, he wants to gain more experience working in a professional recording studio. He can’t wait to see what the future holds.