Meal Plan Currencies

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Meals are accessed via your OneCard and can be used at The Commons on The Green for our all-you-care-to-eat meals or at any Simplyt to Go location for our "Take 3" program. Meals in the Blazer and Gold plans will reset each Sunday night for Monday morning. Students receive a certain number of Guest Meal Passes to use throughout the semester on guests dining in The Commons on the Green. 
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Flex Dollars are a declining balance that is loaded onto your OneCard that can be used at any on-campus dining location. This is money that is included with your meal plan and can be spent all around campus. Many locations will feature a $5 combo option for students to use their Flex Dollars. These funds can also be used at our local food trucks via Tapingo.
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Dining Dollars are funds that you receive from your campus dining fee. All full-time undergraduate students have Dining Dollars loaded onto their OneCard. Dining Dollars is also a declining balance account that can be used at all on-campus dining locations. Dining Dollars are not part of a students meal plan.

Flex Dollars

Dining Dollars

Blazer Bucks
  • Are part of the meal plan and will be charged to the student account as meal plan charge.
  • Can be used at all dining locations on campus.
  • Tax is assessed at meal plan purchase point. Tax will not be assessed on individual purchases using this fund.

  • Flex dollars do not roll over at the end of the semester. 

  • Full time undergraduate student fee that is charged to the student account.

  • Can be used at all dining locations on campus.

  • Tax is assessed on all purchases.

  • Dining Dollars roll over throughout the academic year. 

  • Completely optional account that is paid for at time of purchase via credit card, cash or check.

  • Can be used at all on campus dining locations along with approved off campus vendors.

  • Tax is assessed on all purchases.

  • BlazerBucks roll over indefinitely.

Meal Plans & Rates

Meal Plans & Rates

Meal Plan


Flex Dollars

Potential Meals

Cost (per semester)

Blazer 1

19 meals per week




Blazer 2

12 meals per week




Blazer 3

10 meals per week




Gold 4

7 meals per week




Gold 5

5 meals per week




Gold 6

3 meals per week




Green 7

25 meals per semester




Green 8

12 meals per semester




Meal Plan Requirements

Meal Plan Requirements
The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) requires that the following students purchase a meal plan during fall and spring semesters:
  • Students residing in freshman housing must choose Blazer 1, Blazer 2 or Blazer 3.

  • All other students residing in on-campus housing must choose from any of the Blazer, Gold, or Green plans.

Students who meet all three of the following criteria are classified as first time UAB freshmen and will be assigned to freshman housing for the academic year in question if they choose to reside on campus:
  • Student graduated high school within the last 4 academic years

  • Student is transferring in less than 12 credit hours taken at another university post high school graduation

  • Student has not attended UAB during a previous academic year, excluding the summer term immediately preceding the academic year in question

Dates & Deadlines

Dates & Deadlines
  • Students residing in on-campus housing must pick their meal plan by July 17. If a student is required to have a meal plan and does not selected one the following plans will be chosen for them.Once you have chosen you can downgrade through Drop/Add and you can upgrade at any time.

    • Freshmen in on-campus housing: Blazer 3
    • Upperclassmen in on-campus housing: Green 8
  • Meals will be available beginning with Breakfast on Thursday, August 21. 

  • Dining Dollars will be available beginning on Wednesday, August 20.

Important Notes

Important Notes
  • Enrolled students not residing on-campus may elect to purchase any one of the meal plans during fall and spring semesters.

  • Meals will be available on housing move-in day for the fall semester and the day before the first day of classes for the spring semester.

  • The last day to use Fall 2014 meals plans is the last day of finals.

  • The last day to use Spring 2015meal plans is the last day of finals.

  • Students can use up to five (5) meals per day. 

  • Meals are exclusive for the meal plan holder, students will receive a set number of Guest Meal Passes to use on guests.

  • Flex Dollars can be used to pay for guests at all dining locations. 


Frequently Asked Questions
Meal Plans can be used at any on-campus dining location.

Who is Required to Buy A Meal Plan?


Students residing in Freshman housing

Blazer Plans 1, 2 or 3

All other students residing in an on-campus residence hall

Any of the Meal Plan Options

Who is Assessed the Campus Dining Fee?


Full-time undergraduate students (enrolled in 12 or more credit hours)

All enrolled students residing in on-campus housing

$225 Dining Dollars Account

Part-time commuter students (less than 12 hours), commuter graduate & professional students, and faculty and staff are not assessed a Campus Dining Fee.

Meal plans and Dining Dollars are optional

Your Meal Plan comes with a set number of Meals that can be used at The Commons on the Green for all-you-care-to-eat meals Monday through Sunday. You can find our hours of operation at
Flex Dollars can be used at any on-campus dining location. These include" The Commons on the Green, The Den by Denny's, World of Wings, Jump Asian Express Food Truck, Starbucks in Sterne Library, Zime in the Business and Engineering Complex, Simply to Go, Sandella's Flatbread Cafe, Local Food Trucks via Tapingo during their scheduled time on-campus, The C-Store, and Einstein Bros Bagels. You can find a map of all of our dining locations at
Flex Dollars are part of your Meal Plan and are tax exempt, whereas Dining Dollars are a student fee and will incur a 10% sales tax at time of purchase. Both Flex Dollars and Dining Dollars are declining balance accounts can be used at any on-campus dining location.
If you are eating at The Commons you should use a Meal, however can also use any other form of payment to dine at The Commons. If you are dining at any other location you can use Flex Dollars or Dining Dollars. We suggest you using your Flex Dollars before spending your Dining Dollars.
Meals in the Blazer and Gold plans will reset each Sunday night. Plans will not have an excess number of meals at the end of the semester and will not rollover. Flex Dollars are valid for the semester in which they are purchased and will not rollover at the end of the semester.
No. You may not use another student’s campus card to purchase a meal. Meals are Meal Plan holder exclusive and cannot be used to purchase Meals for other guest. You may use Flex Dollars to purchase food for any guests. Any OneCard that is used by another student other than the owner will be confiscated and turned into the OneCard Office.
Dining Dollars will roll over during the terms included in one academic year (i.e. fall to spring to summer).  On the last class day of summer semester, 25% of unused Dining Dollars will be converted to BlazerBucks.
Tapingo is an online ordering app that allows you to place and pay for food orders in advance allowing you to skip the lines. Tapingo is currently available on campus at: Denny’s, Jump, local food trucks, Zime, Einsteins and Sandellas. To install Tapingo the app store on your smartphone and search “Tapingo” the download is free and you will be promoted to set up a profile once it has completed downloading to you apple or android device.
- Go to
- select the log in link in the upper left hard corner - log in using your Blazer ID and secure password
You can change your meal plan by submitting a form through the OneCard office. Meal Plans can be upgraded at any point in the semester, but can only be downgraded though the drop/add period.
No.  You cannot add more Dining Dollars to your account; however you can add more Blazer Bucks at the OneCard website:
You can call the Campus Restaurants office at 205-996-6567 or or the OneCard office at 205-996-6273 with additional questions. A brochure is available at the OneCard and Campus Restaurants offices with information about the meal plans.