As part of its commitment, the Sodexo Foundation wants to engage and reward students who are driving awareness and mobilizing youth to be catalysts for innovative models and solutions to eliminate childhood hunger. To support this initiative the Sodexo Foundation created the STOP Hunger Scholarship program in 2007.

Every April up to five students (kindergarten through graduate school) are recognized as STOP Hunger scholars and receive $5,000 scholarship and a matching $5,000 grant for their hunger-related charity of choice. In addition, up to 20 regional STOP Hunger Honorees are awarded a $1,000 grant made in their name to a hunger-related charity in their local community.

To date the Sodexo Foundation has awarded more than $200,000 in STOP Hunger Scholarships and grants to winners' hinger-related charities across the country.

Scholarship Criteria:
- Applicants must have demonstrated on-going commitment to their community by performing unpaid volunteer services impacting hunger in the United States at least within the last 12 months. Added consideration is given to students working to fight childhood hunger.
- Applicants must obtain a Community Service Recommendation as part of the application process
- Sodexo employees are not eligible
- Children of employees are eligible, as long as they do not work for Sodexo
- Previous national STOP Hunger Scholarship recipients are not eligible to reapply
- Previous regional STOP Hunger honorees are eligible

More Information:
To apply for a STOP Hunger Scholarship and for more information, visit