The Minority Business Training and Development Program supports the Women’s and Girls’ Business Network, which assists women aspiring to be entrepreneurs by hosting monthly luncheons featuring women in business who share their steps to success. A networking segment during the luncheon allows time for the exchange of information. RSVP only.


The Girls’ Business Network hosts week-long Girls in Business Roundtables during Spring break and summer. The seminars highlight topics such as how to start your own business, how to write a business plan, dressing and presenting yourself for success, making proper introductions, protocol in dining and business etiquette. The Roundtable also sponsors field trips to operating businesses and much more. Participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Interested young women must complete an application packet and attend an interview in order to be a part of the Roundtable.

Our most current Program is Greening the World: Enrichment Environmental Program, which will host monthly seminars for adults and youth on the importance and value of ecological sensitivity in today’s environment and empower them to adopt lifelong habits of environmental stewardship. These workshops will be held on our UAB Campus and in the community at large.

Program Director: Yvonne Lowery-Kennedy
For more information call : 205-934-8539 or 934-8145.