Welcome to the UAB Diversity PASSPORT Program

Diversity Enriches Us

The many backgrounds, interests, and traditions of the people in our community create opportunities for us to discover new ways of thinking and being.

At UAB, diversity is the full range of human difference and potential that manifests itself in individual members of the campus community. Included in this range are many differences – race, gender, ethnic, culture, national origin, religious belief, physical abilities, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, lifestyle preference, and political conviction. Equity is meant to include equal access to employment and education opportunities, and dealing fairly and equally with all members of the university community.

It is the mission of the Office for Equity and Diversity to increase and enhance faculty, student and staff diversity at all levels of the university and to ensure equity. In support of this mission, the UAB Diversity PASSPORT invites you to join in on a journey to experience firsthand how the diversity in our community enriches our lives every day-at work and at home. We often draw inspiration when we listen to each other's experiences. Sharing our stories gives us important insights into life lessons and fosters appreciation, respect and true collaboration.