The UAB Diversity PASSPORT  Program is voluntary and sponsored by the UAB Office for Equity and Diversity and the UAB Office of Human Resource Management in collaboration with the UAB Diversity Council and the UAB Affirmative Action Officers and Diversity Contacts. The Passport Program runs from January 2010 through December 2010.

  1. Register on the Website:
    Registering connects you to the Diversity Learning Community and enables you to receive valuable updates, announcements, communications and resources.

  2. Participate
    Participate in at least one activity or event each month. Suggestions have been provided, but feel free to create your own way of participating.

  3. Reflect
    Take time to journal in the space provided. Please note that your passport is yours to keep and will remain your personal property.

  4. Validate
    After completing one or more activities per month, validate by telling someone about what you did, what you learned and something you will do based upon what you learned. Have the person sign your passport in the “Validation Area.”

  5. Evaluate
    Evaluate your experience when the Passport Program ends in December 2010.  A UAB Diversity PASSPORT Reception will be held inviting all passport participants to come together to share experiences.  Watch for details!