UAB Title VI Program on the Recruitment and Retention of
Black Faculty and Administrators

Faculty Recruitment


The purpose of the Title VI Committee is to advise the President and administration on the best methods for recruiting,
hiring and retaining black representation on the UAB faculty and administrative staff. The hiring and retention of black faculty
and administrators are high priorities of UAB, and success requires the commitment of persons at all levels.

The Title VI Committee has established the following mechanism for assisting units with the recruitment and retention
of black faculty and senior administrators.

UAB Black Faculty Recruitment Initiative (BFRI)

The BFRI is designed to provide salary support for blacks that are recruited into full-time tenure-track faculty
and senior administrative positions at UAB. Approved BFRI funding for such appointments will be provided
according to the plan as outlined below. The “Title VI Funds” designated in the column below represents
the maximum amount of the faculty member’s salary, including fringe benefits, that will be awarded over
the duration of the individual award.

Funding Plan

Title VI Funds
Unit Funds
66.7% (up to $60,000)
33.3% (up to $30,000)


General Program Guidelines

  • BFRI funds can be used only to support new full-time, tenure-track faculty.
  • Requests for BFRI support should be made to the Provost at any time during the year by the school dean.
  • Faculty identified for support with BFRI funds should be part of an approved recruitment process (including an approved Request to Recruit form and advertisement of the position). Expedited recruitment processes are permitted with the approval of the Provost.
  • Faculty recruited to UAB and initially funded with BFRI support are counted among the total faculty of the hiring unit.
  • When BFRI support is completed after the two years, it is the responsibility of the unit to fund the position.
  • Any committed BFRI funds offset by salary support from grants and contracts must be used by the school for the recruitment and retention of other black faculty or returned to the committee.
  • In the case of a positive decision, a report detailing how the BFRI funds were used and the status of a faculty’s progress towards tenure will be due annually during the period of support. This report is submitted to the Provost and copied to the Vice President for Equity and Diversity by the hiring department chair and school dean. 
  • Faculty recruited under the BFRI will be eligible to receive Comprehensive Minority Faculty Development Program (CMFDP) retention funds.

Application Procedure for BFRI Funding

Upon identification (recruitment) of a black faculty member, the dean or administrator of the unit should submit a written request for BFRI support to the Provost and copy the Vice President for Equity and Diversity.  The request should include the following:

Completed Phase I Recruitment packet which includes the following items:
  • Approved Request to Recruit for faculty applicants
  • Copy of the position advertisement as it appeared in the publication
  • Letter of offer (unsigned by the faculty/administrator)
  • Faculty/administrators’ CV
  • Recruitment Experience Report

Letter signed by the requesting dean and department chair or administrator indicating the following:

Rationale for funding request
An agreement that the unit will assume full support of the faculty member at the expiration of the Title VI support under the terms of the faculty appointment in the letter of offer.

An agreement that the unit will assign a mentor to the faculty member and develop a professional development plan within six months of the hire date. 

A hard copy and (or) an electronic version of the BFRI application packet should be forwarded to:

The Office of the Provost
AB 1064, zip 0110
and copied to:

The Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
CH 401, zip 1170

After review, the dean will be notified of the committee’s decision.  In the case of a positive decision, a signed copy of the letter of offer should be forwarded to the Chair of the Title VI Committee to complete the request.

Please note the following:


Priority will be given to departments with no black faculty,

In order to allow a greater participation by all schools, only one award may be given to a school in a given year unless no applications from other schools are forthcoming and
Using 1 and 2, awards will be made as received until May 31st of each year; after which the remaining applications will be honored until all funds have been expended.
The unit should assign a mentor to the faculty member and assist with the creation of a professional development plan within six months of the hire date.
The committee invites proposals from all units.

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