Ethics Bowl - Bioethics Bowl

Bioethics Bowl

The Bioethics Bowl is a more recent development than the IEB and is focused more narrowly on cases in bioethics. It begins with 16 teams over 3 days and also has a champion. Analysis of cases with judges mirrors the format of the IEB. The Bioethics Bowl occurs in conjunction with the annual National Undergraduate Conference in Bioethics, and both are sponsored by the professional organization of bioethicists, the American Association of Bioethics and Humanities, ASBH.

Membership on the UAB teams occurs by taking a class, out of which auditions are held. Students in the past have spent year on practice teams or in support roles before making the official team. Offcial teams are limited to 5 students. The UAB Ethics Bowl team, coached by Philosophy professor Gregory Pence, has competed in the regional and national Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl for the past three years. In the competition, each team of 5 students analyzes 15 cases taken from real-life ethical scenarios and provides both an analysis of the ethical issues and a defense of a position on what should be done. The team is then grilled on its position first by an opposing team and then a panel of faculty judges.


The 2010 Ethics Bowl Team:


UAB Bioethics Bowl Team ready for a fight:

The 2011 Bioethics Bowl National Championship Team:


The Center for Ethics and Values in the Sciences, and the Early Medical School Acceptance Program, are official sponsors of both teams.