First National Championship

ethics_bowl_webUAB Ethics Bowl Team wins first national championship

Four years ago Philosophy Professor Greg Pence, Ph.D., took a small group of students with him to the National Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl championship in Jacksonville, Fla., to observe the competition. Pence was interested in starting and coaching an ethics bowl team at UAB, but he left that day convinced it might be a while before they were ready for the national stage.

He was wrong.

UAB’s Ethics Bowl Team competed in this year’s national championship in Cincinnati, and in its second year of competition the Blazers walked away as the national champion.

“With two freshmen and only our second appearance, we were the Cinderella team of the 32-team tournament,” Pence says. “I was so proud of how our students blended their science majors with ethical reasoning that the last victories brought tears to my eyes.

“We had thought that getting to the final eight would be enough this year, but we are thrilled to be lucky enough to win it all with such a young team.”

Pence’s squad competed against 31 colleges and universities, and they debated some of today’s most difficult ethical issues.

The topics included various controversial ethics cases taken from current events, including health care for illegal immigrants, the Octomom, legalizing casinos and allowing teachers to carry guns in schools to protect themselves.