Summary Minutes of the July 14, 2009 Faculty Senate Meeting



Chair Report


Chair Mark Lockhart reported to the Senate concerning:


  1. Provost Quarterly Report – June 30, 2009  [no Termination for Cause Review Panels during the second quarter of 2009; no Grievance Committees formed during the second quarter of 2009]


  1. Names of Senate approved nominees for serving as representatives to identified University-wide committees have been submitted to President Garrison.  Notification to the Senate representatives will be completed in the coming weeks.


  1. During Senate meetings, Senators are expected to follow the Senate Standing Rules Appendix B of the Constitution and Bylaws.  Senators wishing to speak should stand and be recognized before speaking and when recognized then state name and unit representing.  Persons making motions need to identify themselves so that information is available for the minutes.


  1. Senate meeting dates for the 2010 dates are being scheduled and when finalized/confirmed will be distributed to Senators and posted on Senate page.


  1. Two dates for the President’s State of the University Address have been identified and the Executive Committee will address this at the July 22, 2009 meeting.


  1. All senators were encouraged to submit comments and suggestions concerning the proposed options for realignment of the academic programs in the six academic units.  Senators were asked to encourage colleagues to participate in the information and feedback collection process.  Refer to:  Refer to Summaries of School Meetings and Online Survey.


  1. Chair Lockhart is continuing communications related to IT questions identified by two Senators at the June meeting.


  1. It is expected that Carol Ray, Senate Office Associate, will be able to return to work soon.



President Report


President Carol Garrison announced the following:


  1. Recognition of Dr. Regina Benjamin as the nominee for Surgeon General of US; Dr. Benjamin is a graduate of the UAB School of Medicine.


  1. The timeline for receipt of comments and suggestions concerning the academic programs realignment has been extended for two additional weeks and faculty are encouraged to submit suggestions and ask colleagues to participate.


  1. ACHE, on June 26, 2009 approved a new initiative that will allow Jefferson State Community College students with associate degrees to take UAB classes toward bachelor degrees in business management and early childhood education.  Additional information is in the July 13, 2009 UAB Reporter and at the UAB School of Business site at and the School of Education at



Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee (FPPC) Recommendation to Senate:  Grievance Procedures Defined in Academic Unit Handbooks


The FPPC request to the Senate was to support the recommendation that included “the Provost require the Deans and Library Directors, through input from the academic unit’s faculty affairs committee or comparable faculty governance committee, to develop written procedures at the unit level for conflict resolution of grievances initiated by a faculty member in the academic unit and that such procedure include documentation guidance to be utilized prior to the submission of any grievance to the Provost.”


The Senate approved this FPPC recommendation and the recommendation will be submitted to Provost Capilouto and President Garrison.



Curriculum and Research Committee Report


No report for July meeting.



Faculty Affairs Committee Report


Chair Sue Kim reported the following:


  1. A review of the Senate sponsored administrator evaluation process to occur during fall 2009.


  1. Department chairs who have been in the position for 2 years and have greater than five faculty members in the department will be evaluated; chairs who have less than 2 years but greater than 5 faculty members who request to be included in the evaluation process may be included this cycle.  The list of chairs eligible for evaluation is being prepared.


  1. The process, dateline of actions, notification mechanisms to faculty and the administrators to be evaluated are being finalized and a written plan will be available for the August Senate meeting.  Guidelines for the distribution of reports and comments have been developed and will be made available to senators.


  1. Discussion of who receives the evaluation reports [tables and/or comments] for future administration evaluation cycles will be on the agenda for the Faculty Affairs Committee in the coming months.  A major concern is what feedback will faculty members receive after the evaluations are completed within a specific department or unit.


  1. The plan for fall 2010 is that the President, Provost and the Deans will be evaluated by full time regular faculty.



Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee Report


Senate Chair-elect Mark Hickson as the Senate representative to the FPPC presented the following FPPC recommendations to the Senate for the first reading and requested that Senators review and be prepared to discuss and vote at the August Senate meeting.






Senators were requested to send comments to Chair Lockhart, Chair-elect Hickson or Secretary Greenup prior to the August Senate meeting.



Finance Committee Report


No report for July meeting.



Governance and Operations Committee Report


Chair Janelle Chiasera distributed the following report and encouraged all senators to interact with the designated liaison during the year with the goal to increase communication among faculty in a unit and with the Senate.


Senate Liaisons for Academic Units


At the March 2005 meeting of the Faculty Senate, the Senate approved the following guidelines for the implementation of the Senate Liaison activities.  The implementation process was defined and Senators will be asked to work with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the administrators in their respective academic units to include this process in the goal to improve communications for faculty members.


Each academic unit will identify a Senate Liaison to serve his or her unit and the Senate in the following ways:


         Serve as point of contact for the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC) in communications with representatives from each academic unit.


         Serve as point of contact with the faculty of the academic unit to support collaboration, shared governance, and any activities of the Senate that require input from the faculty.  This activity is intended to assure the Senators meet periodically (e.g. regularly scheduled faculty or major school committee meetings) with their faculty to discuss issues relevant to the faculty in the specific unit and especially any issues or topics that may be relevant to faculty in any academic units as represented by the Faculty Senate.


         Serve as the point of contact for the Senate elections process and the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee (FPPC) representative for soliciting nominations for Senators for the unit, FPPC representatives, and Chair-Elect and Secretary Positions.


         Serve as the point of contact for communications with the faculty in his or her academic unit to solicit information requested by the Senate and/or to distribute Senate information to the faculty in the academic unit.



Senate Liaisons for Academic Units 2009-2010


Academic Unit

Senate Liaison

Term Expires

Email Address

Arts & Humanities

John Moore

May 2010


Julio Rivera

May 2011


Maureen Pezzementi

May 2011


Retta Evans

May 2010


Sally Anne McInerny

May 2010

Health Professions

Kathleen Foley

May 2010

Joint Health Sciences

Thomas Winokur

May 2010

Lister Hill Library

Liz Lorbeer

May 2010


Ivan Maya

May 2010

Mervyn Sterne Library

Dana Hettich

May 2010

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Rakesh Kapoor

May 2010


Tony Roberson

May 2010


Tammy Than

May 2011

Public Health

Meredith Kilgore

May 2010

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Rex Wright

May 2011



The Senate roster also has the liaison designated.  The roster is available at



University-wide Committees with Senate Representatives’ Reports


  1. Commission on Status of Women [CSW] – Secretary Pat Greenup reported for Joy Deupree with a summary of the topics presented at the July 13, 2009 meeting of the commission.  The commission received a report and discussion from Mr. Richard Margison concerning the UAB Child Care Workgroup final report of June 1, 2009.  The report describes the summary of the work completed by the Workgroup and outlined the pros and cons of options that were examined.  At this time, there is limited ability to grow the facility and the number of spaces for children.  There is no decision by administration or a recommendation from the Workgroup to advocate the closure of the Child Care facility.  For the near future, the goal will be to maintain status quo while additional options are identified within the current and expected budget constraints for the University.  The Commission on the Status of Women will continue to identify the Child Care Center and needs of faculty, staff and students as a concern that needs to remain a goal for continued attention and identification of actions feasible considering budget constraints.


  1. Core Curriculum Steering Committee [CCSC] – Senate representative Chris Kyle described concerns about the implementation of the QEP at the department level for some academic programs.  Discussion by Senator Kyle, Marilyn Kurata and other senators suggested that the Core Curriculum Steering Committee is attempting to address the implementation issues.  It was suggested that the Senate review QEP implementation and related issues with consideration for guidance to the CCSC from Senators.



Open Forum


No topics were identified by Senators for discussion.









UAB Faculty Senate –



Secretary Pat Greenup submits this draft summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the senate page after approval at the August senate meeting.  The minutes of the Senate and the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee are posted on the Senate web page.