Summary of Minutes – Faculty Senate Meeting – June 10, 2003


President Garrison Update to Senate – President Garrison presented an update on the strategic planning process including the revisions to the organizational chart and the job descriptions for Provost, Dean of Graduate School, Vice President for Medicine, Dean and Senior Vice Provost, Vice President for Research and Vice President for Equity and Diversity; senators were encouraged to submit comments about the proposed scorecard metrics as soon as possible since the plan is to finalize the metrics by the end of June. The Strategic Plan, job descriptions and organizational chart can be reviewed at

President Garrison presented an update on the delay in implementation for the STEPS program and indicated that Mr. Margison and Sheila Sanders are coordinating the activities to implement STEPS. President Garrison responded to questions concerning the proposed job descriptions, tax reform impact on UAB, and Blazer Club activities.


Chair of Faculty Report – Dr. John Smith – The work of the Senators who served during 2002-03 was reviewed and appreciation was expressed for the time and information created in support of Senate and faculty activities during the year. While much was accomplished there are challenges remaining for the Senate during this coming year. Chair Smith described his role and responsibilities with a focus on collaboration among all academic units to address faculty and UAB issues. Chair Smith supports shared governance and expressed appreciation to President Garrison for the opportunities for communication currently shared with the Faculty Senate. Chair Smith outlined Senate meetings’ format and the plans for encouraging Senator participation during the year. All academic units have been scheduled to present key issues to the Senate with the goal to identify issues across academic units that the Senate might be able to make recommendations to the Provost and President during the year. Chair Smith stated that the Senate actively supports academic freedom but with that freedom there are associated responsibilities and the Senate plans to address the rights and responsibilities of UAB faculty members.


Resolution for Dr. Tim Heaven – Past Chair of the Faculty – Chair Smith presented a resolution outlining Dr. Heaven’s contributions and service to the Faculty Senate.


Election of Senators-at-Large as Members of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee – Senators Gary Sapp (School of Education) and Senator Mark Lockhart (School of Medicine) were elected to serve during the 2003-2004 term. With the election of these senators-at-large, eight of the 15 academic units have representation to the Executive Committee.


Committee Reports – FPPC Dr. Heaven (Senate representative to the FPPC) presented two recommendations to the Senate for forwarding to the Provost. One recommendation was that academic unit policy should be revised to be consistent with university policy within six months of any changes in university policy. The second recommendation was that academic unit faculty handbooks follow the general format of the current administratively approved version of the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies. Both of these recommendations were presented as a follow up to the Senate approval last month of the revised Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C of the Faculty Handbook. These recommendations were approved and will be forwarded to the Provost.


Finance Committee – Chair Linda Reed updated the Senators on the activities of the Fringe Benefits Committee and discussions about insurance premiums and access and requested that senators talk with colleague faculty and staff and submit questions and concerns to


Governance and Operations - Chair Beverly Mulvihill outlined the planned activities for the committee during 2003-04 including senators’ attendance, faculty performance review practices in academic units, and review the Senate Bylaws.


Next Meeting of Senate – July 8, 2003 – 7:30 A.M. at the AB Penthouse.


Summary submitted by Pat Greenup, Secretary of Faculty for June 10, 2003 meeting. For a more complete record of the minutes see the Senate web page: