Summary of the July 8, 2008 Faculty Senate Meeting



Chair Report


Chair Warren Martin reported on the decision to raise tuition by the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees and the regret on part of all involved parties. He presented the recording recommendation for the senate standing rules from the Governance and Operations Committee that were accepted by the senate executive committee. He investigated concerns expressed by faculty members about the impact of increases in fringe benefit rates for grants and contracts and found the process to be very tightly regulated and one that has some sharp costs upturns. (handout) He also discussed faculty head count and revenue data for the university. (slides / handout)





Reimbursement Task Force


Mr. Allen Bolton, Senior Associate Dean for Administration and Finance for the School of Medicine, and Mr. Harlan Sands, Associate Provost for Administration and Finance, discussed the reimbursement task force. Topics covered were charge and membership of the task force; task force recommendations for access to and clarity of reimbursement policies, structure and customer service orientation of procurement, out-of-state travel reimbursement for meals, locus of travel decisions, internet charges, and access to flexible funds; and next steps of the task force. Feedback related to the task force recommendations may be submitted to Allen Bolton at (slides / handout)



Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee Report


Senate Past-Chair and FPPC Chair Pat Greenup presented the recommended revisions to section 4 on insurance and retirement benefits of the faculty handbook as the first reading by the senate. Feedback on the revisions may be submitted to Pat Greenup at (track / final)



Finance Committee Report


Senate Chair Warren Martin reported on behalf of the Chair of the Finance Committee Linda Reed that the faculty senate survey on fringe benefits has concluded with approximately 725 responses and the survey results will be presented to the UAB Fringe Benefits Committee later in the week.





Governance and Operations Committee Report


Chair of the Governance and Operations Committee Janelle Chiasera reported that senate liaisons have been identified for all academic units and explained the role and responsibilities of the senate liaisons. (handout)



Senate Representatives to University-wide Committees


Senate representative to the UAB Diversity Advisory Council Madelyn Coar reported on the Knight case settlement agreement, strategic diversity plan assessment, and graduate diversity fellowship and undergraduate diversity scholarships. (handout)





The next senate meeting is August 12, 2008 in the Administration Building Penthouse CR1, the next executive committee meeting is July 23, 2008, the next executive committee meeting with the President and Provost is July 25, 2008, and the next FPPC meeting is July 18, 2008.



UAB Faculty Senate



Secretary Jennifer Long submits this draft summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the senate page after approval at the August senate meeting.