Summary of the November 13, 2007 Faculty Senate Meeting



Chair Report


Chair Pat Greenup announced the following items related to the senate:


1)      Provost Capilouto replied to the senate approved recommendations on intellectual ownership from July 2007 with a memorandum summarizing follow-up activities.


2)      Provost Capilouto distributed a memorandum to the deans about annual performance reviews incorporating issues and recommendations from the senate.


3)      Presentations scheduled for the December senate meeting include Brian Mackin on the athletics master plan and Provost Capilouto on the consulting policy.


Chair Pat Greenup reported on the following meetings:


1)      University of Alabama System Board of Trustees met on November 9, 2007 and topics discussed were UAB programs including master of engineering and Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) proposal for doctor of philosophy in interdisciplinary engineering. The next Board of Trustees meeting is the UAB institutional meeting on February 7-8, 2008 during which Pat Greenup will give a short presentation as senate chair.


2)      Academic Programs Council (APC) met on November 7, 2007 and topics discussed were student engagement, policy development for faculty appointments related to family friendly improvements to the faculty handbook including senate approved recommended revisions to sections 2.3 and 2.6 on tenure earning period, and UAB consulting policy.


3)      Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC) met on October 31, 2007 and topics discussed were agendas, March senate meeting during spring break (will not be rescheduled), memorandum from the Provost about timeline for promotion and tenure, submission of pandemic flu plan recommendations on continuity of learning and instruction, and article in the Birmingham News about the IDEA administrator survey results for the President and Provost and release of the reports.


4)      Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC) met with the President and Provost on November 6, 2007 and topics discussed were records verification for faculty vacation and sick time (all units reported that a process is in place), fringe benefits committee report, faculty responsibilities related to university-wide initiatives, restructuring of the Academic Programs Council and senate representation, and senate review of the IDEA administrator survey process.


5)      Other meetings attended as senate chair included the Academic Programs Council (APC) on October 17, 2007 to discuss initial planning for restructuring the council which will include senate representation, Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee (FPPC) on October 19, 2007, and Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Planning Committee on October 24, 2007 to discuss diversity and international student retention.


President Report


President Carol Garrison announced the following items:


1)      UAB Alumni Society is raising money to build an alumni house on campus (more info).


2)      Heritage Hall is the name of the new academic classroom building that will open in December 2007 (more info).


3)      Parliament House was purchased by UAB a few years ago with plans to demolish the building which are on hold due to issues related to obtaining a city permit and drought conditions. The goal is to demolish the building as soon as possible.


4)      Campus safety and challenges faced by the university related to homeless population, physical security, lighting and outdoor environment, off campus housing for international students without transportation, and theft.





Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


Ms. Stella Cocoris, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services and University Registrar, provided an overview of the family educational rights and privacy act (FERPA) and discussed educational records, sole possession notes, directory and non-directory information, records access by school officials, legitimate educational interest, disclosure to parents, use and storage of electronic student data, confidentiality and student behavior, and guidelines for faculty. More information about FERPA is available at and through BlazerNET under the courses and training tab in the WebCT Vista channel (course title is understanding the privacy of student records). Questions or concerns may be emailed to


Undergraduate Enrollment


Ms. DeeDee Bruns, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, provided an update on undergraduate enrollment for Fall 2007 including freshman enrollment data for headcount, average GPA, and average ACT with goal and actual numbers, percentage of entering freshmen completing prescribed college preparatory curriculum, demographic distribution of entering freshman, conditional admits enrolled and percentage of entering class, comparison numbers, and admission requirements for Fall 2008.


Graduate Enrollment


Dr. Bryan Noe, Dean of the Graduate School, provided an update on graduate enrollment for Fall 2007 including graduate enrollment data, enrollment by school, degree level comparison by school, enrollment demographics, and milestones.


The presentation materials are available on the senate page under meeting presentations at


Revisions to Sections 3.10 to 3.15 of UAB Faculty Handbook


Senate Chair Pat Greenup presented the recommended revisions to sections 3.10 to 3.15 (see below) of the faculty handbook. The revised document was approved by the senate with no further discussion or modifications.


3.10. Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights (Patent Policy)            

3.11. Copyright

3.12. Computer Software Policy Development, Ownership, and Use

3.13. Computer Software Copying and Use Policy

3.14.     Data Protection and Security Policy

3.15. Execution and Review of Contracts for the University of Alabama at Birmingham



Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee Report


Senate Chair Pat Greenup reported that the committee approved revisions to the use and consumption of alcoholic beverages policy and to section 3.8 on standards of behavior of the faculty handbook. The recommended revisions will be discussed and voted on at the December senate meeting. Senate Past-Chair Joe March reported that the committee is reviewing firearms and leave policies. Feedback may be submitted to FPPC Chair Donna Handley at

or Joe March at



Finance Committee Report


Chair Stephen Mennemeyer reported that the committee is comparing UAB salaries with southern university group (SUG) data and reviewing the indices used for allocation of state funds.



University-wide Committee Reports


Senate representative to the UAB Commission on the Status of Women Joy Deupree distributed a flyer announcing the second annual suits for success clothing drive to be held during the week of November 12-16, 2007.



Open Forum


Council on Governmental Relations (COGR) and Research at UAB


Dr. Susan Lyons, Project Director for Grants and Contracts Administration, announced that the President of the Council on Governmental Relations (COGR) will visit the UAB campus on December 11, 2007. COGR is an association of research universities whose primary function is to provide advice and information to its membership and to make certain that federal agencies understand academic operations and the impact of proposed regulations on colleges and universities (more info). She is attempting to identify individuals with specific issues or concerns related to federal regulations and research at UAB. Interested individuals should contact Susan Lyons at More information is forthcoming.

Review of Open Forum Discussion Groups from October Senate Meeting


Senate Chair Pat Greenup distributed a summary of the group reports from the October senate meeting for the senate action survey on priority ranking of faculty interests and faculty senate issues combined survey results. Senators should review the summary and submit feedback about topics that need to be pursued by the senate with more detailed information or specific examples to Pat Greenup at





The next senate meeting is December 11, 2007 in the Administration Building Penthouse CR1, the next FSEC meeting is November 28, 2007, the next FSEC meeting with the President and Provost is December 4, 2007, and the next FPPC meeting is November 16, 2007.



UAB Faculty Senate



Secretary Jennifer Long submits this draft summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the senate page after approval at the December senate meeting.