Last Amended June 2008


The regular meeting of the Senate is on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 a.m. A quorum is based on summation of the four officers (Chair, Chair-Elect, Past-Chair, and Secretary) and the total number of Senators from all 15 academic units and then the determination of a majority as 50% plus one. A meeting shall be called to order when a quorum of 18 members (officers plus Senators or a designated Alternate Senator for a non-attending Senator) is achieved.


Every regular or special meeting of the Senate must adjourn two hours after the time appointed for its beginning unless the time is extended by unanimous consent or by a motion made and carried to extend the time. If a motion to extend the meeting then the motion includes reference to the amount of time required for completion of the item on the floor for a vote.


A Senator unable to attend a meeting of the Senate must notify the Secretary of the Senate that Alternate Senator is attending in place of the Senator who must be absent; however, if a Senator fails to notify the Secretary of an absence, the ranking Alternate Senator present from the unit serves in the Senatorís absence.


The Secretary must prepare a roll of the members of the Senate and each Senator must sign the roll at each meeting. Alternate Senators attending in place of a Senator must sign their name on the roll in the space for the absent Senator, indicating which Senator he or she is replacing. Guests to Senate meeting are requested to sign a guest roll.


A draft copy of the summary of the minutes of the Senate will be distributed to Senators and to the UAB Reporter [recognizing that Reporter Editor determines what gets published in paper and electronic versions of UAB Reporter] before Senate approval. Expanded Senate meeting minutes are distributed prior to Senate meeting for review by Senators and vote of approval occurs at next Senate meeting; after approval the minutes are posted on Senate web site.


Resolutions and motions approved by the Executive Committee or other Standing Committees of the Senate for consideration at a meeting must be made available in writing at that meeting. Approved resolutions and motions are to be posted on the Senate web site by annual year term of the Senate. A motion form shall be available at meetings to assist with documentation of motions.


The Senate uses Robertís Rules of Order for the conduct of all items and sections of the agenda including open forum. Any Senator, Alternate Senator, or person wishing to address the Chair (and thereby the Senate) should stand, if physically possible, to signal that intention and speak only when recognized by the Chair stating the name of person if known or requesting that person identify self. The speaker is to state his or her name and the constituent unit affiliation and should remain standing while having the floor. Senators are requested to wear name tag during Senate meetings; tags are available for pick up at sign in table and are to be left when leaving meeting. Recognition of visitors to the Senate for permission to address the Senate is at the discretion of the Chair.


Any Senator making a main motion or substantive amendment should be prepared, upon request of the Chair, to submit the wording of that motion or amendment to the Secretary of the Senate in writing before a vote is taken. Motion forms will be available at meetings.


The recording by any type of technology of the Senate meeting proceedings is not allowed except at the discretion of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee has the right to tape Senate meetings if it is determined that such is needed for complete documentation of any stated comments by any Senators or by invited presenters and guests to the Senate.


When deemed appropriate and in accordance with Robertís Rules, the Chair may entertain a motion or question of privilege to go into executive session. The Chair shall determine which non-members shall participate in the executive session if the motion is approved by the members.


OPEN FORUM Ė Topics presented during open forum will be addressed with a defined time limitation to determine what action is required by Senate to address the topic identified; it is the responsibility of the Chair to direct topics identified to the Executive Committee or an appropriate Standing Committee of the Senate for further deliberation and possible preparation of a recommendation or motion to be presented to the Senate at a future meeting. Rules governing debate as described by Robertís Rules shall be followed concerning length and number of speeches by any one member during a specific meeting and/or during a specific debate during a meeting.

These standing rules of the Faculty Senate were revised and approved by the Executive Committee on June 25, 2008. The Faculty Senate was informed about these standing rules as effective on July 08, 2008. Any future revisions to the standing rules must be approved by the Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate informed of such revisions.