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This site aims to support graduate students. There’s tips on how to make the most out of your time in grad school. They offer a long-distance mentoring program. There’s also information for those feeling that the pressure of grad school is too much.
The Presidential Management Fellows Program (PMF) has a specific branch to support the professional development of STEM professionals. A PMF STEM position is for 2 years and many times leading to permanent employment through the government.
An in-depth guide to careers in data science, as well as a directory of graduate programs from around the country.

All 50 Medical Staffing is dedicated to matching the highest quality health care professionals with opportunities that will meet their personal and professional goals.

UAB Career Services
Resources and services to assist UAB graduate students and post doctoral fellows in exploring career options, preparing for the job search, and succeeding in their career goals.
Current job listings
Job sites with opportunities in the sciences
Industry jobs and recruiters in Genomics, Bioinformatics, Proteomics, BioMEMs and Microfluidics

This web site by NIH provides a search engine of investigators being funded by NIH. Criteria for the search can be done using investigator, keyword, institution, or state. Additionally, each grant along with the abstract is provided.

The web site provides a job search engine for academic and industrial positions in the sciences. This site allows you to post your resume and also contains a salary survey.

Biotechnology Industry Organization
This site provides information on the biotechnology industry. There are several members listed along with a link to their web page and contact information.

Virtual Career Center for Scientists from UCSF
The UCSF Career Center for Scientists

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

National Science Foundation
An independent U.S. government agency responsible for promoting science and engineering

Science-Next Wave
An Electronic Network for the Next Generation of Scientists

A source for employment opportunities and career resources in the bioscience industry

Recombinant Capital
Tons of information on financial aspects of large and small biotechnology companies. May sound dry, but page is very well put together and has links to (often lively) discussion threads on pretty much every company and biotech topic imaginable.

Association of University Technology Managers
Provides insight into this growing career area.

The National Academies
Advisors to the Nation on Science, Engineering, and Medicine. Internship and career opportunities are described on their website

Southern Research Institute
An independent, 501-(c)-3, not-for-profit center for scientific research with a staff of nearly 600, including scientists, technical, and staff support personnel. In late 1999 the Institute affiliated with the University of Alabama at Birmingham. For job opportunities, email us at


Biomedical Engineering: A Closer Look
Biomedical engineering is the combination of engineering, biological science and medicine

American Association for the Advancement of Science Homepage
A nonprofit professional society dedicated to the advancement of scientific and technological excellence across all disciplines, and to the public's understanding of science and technology.
Information for scientists and would-be scientists at all levels.

Science Careers, from the journal "Science"

The Scientist magazine
Gopher menu of past issues

Survey on Doctoral Education and Career Preparation
Survey of over 4,000 doctoral students across the country revealing how students feel about the quality of their education and training.

Research America
The nation's leading nonprofit, non-partisan voice for making medical and health research a higher national priority. In 2002, Industry Roundtable partnered with R!A to bring a Science/Media Forum to UAB where scientists and journalists discussed ways to better communicate science to the public.