Revised May 7, 2009

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Postdoctoral Training

A wide range of vehicles exist whereby postdoctoral training may be endeavored. In this regard, the GTC was granted one of the first ever NIH postdoctoral training grants in gene therapy. This cancer gene therapy traineeship award provides stipends for MD and PhD postdoctoral fellows. In addition, a range of NIH-supported training grants based at UAB provides the basis for endeavoring gene therapy training within our aegis. Postdoctoral funding stipends from more than a dozen private foundations have also supported training within the GTC. Direct support from various non-USA sources has also provided the basis for traineeship of fellows from more than 10 countries.

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In 2005, UAB was ranked the 8th best research institution in the U.S. for Post-docs in the Life Sciences. To learn about being a Post-doc at UAB, visit the UAB Office of Postdoctoral Education.