Fraternities and Sororities

UAB has over 20 Greek organizations that provide limitless opportunities to develop important leadership skills as well as lifelong friendships. Many of our groups are recognized as some of the best chapters in the country of their organization. We are confident that our groups provide strong membership experiences that will benefit those who join long after they leave UAB.

UAB fraternities and sororities share four common values: scholarship, service, leadership, and community. Active in nearly every aspect of campus life, UAB’s fraternities and sororities emphasize academic growth, the advantages of living and working in a group environment, and the benefits of serving the community. In fact, UAB Greek organizations donate thousands of dollars and hours to local and national charities every year.

UAB’s fraternities and sororities have different schedules and guidelines for accepting new members. For details on joining, visit the Office of Student Involvement or attend one of the information sessions held throughout the year. Hazing is strictly prohibited by all Greek organizations and UAB.

For more information about our organizations, councils, and events, please visit our website.