USGA_logoThe Undergraduate Student Government Association provides programs and services for undergraduate students in the Schools of Business, Education, Engineering, Health Professions, Nursing, Division of General Studies and the College of Arts and Sciences. Elections for these positions are held each February. Students can also serve by running for a Senator-At-Large position or serving on a USGA committee.

The USGA also represents student issues, concerns, and views to the administration.



UAB also has other student governing organizations









USGA Welcome Letter

Welcome to the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Rest assured that UAB is a world-class university that will nurture you as you lay the groundwork that will prepare you for a rewarding life. At our distinguished university you will find challenging course work, world-reknowned professors and a diverse community of scholars. It is up to you to participate in various programs designed to assist you in your growth and development during your college years.

UAB is still young; therefore, it is up to the present student body to steer and set many traditions that will govern this university on its mission. We have various programs to offer that will compliment our academic endeavors. Get involved! You will find lifelong friendships, enjoyment and positive compensation for hard work that you do for student life.

This is the time of life that you should be prepared to face challenges head on. College is filled with tough choices and sometimes you will make some mistakes. Brace yourself for life's mistakes and do not let them prevent you from living an eventful college life.

We would like to personally extend ourself and our staff in assisting you. We are aware that this university differs from a traditional college campus; however,UAB offfers opportunities that will allow you to become a professional in any field you choose to pursue in life. Also, please enjoy our web page.

Office of Student Involvement

Campus Recreation Center, Room 190
1501 University Blvd

(205) 934-8060