Students who need academic assistance and meet the federal eligibility requirements may apply for admission to TRIO Academic Services (TAS), a federally funded program designed to help throughout their university experience. The program emphasizes helping students graduate from UAB in four years. In order to qualify for TAS, a student must be a freshman or sophomore who demonstrates academic need as well as academic potential. In addition, a student must be either a first generation college student, be from a lowincome background, or have a disability. (A first generation college student is one whose custodial parents or guardians do not have a Bachelor’s degree.) TAS participants receive assistance and incentives. The program offers a variety of frequent and intensive services: tutoring, counseling, seminars, workshops, cultural enrichment, and computer accessibility. In addition, TAS offers eligible participants an annually increasing stipend. Students who enter the project as freshmen, remain in good standing, and graduate in four years are eligible for the largest sum of money. To receive the largest possible stipend, participants must complete a full course load each term with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Applications are accepted from April 1st through July 1st of each year for program entry in the fall. Call TRIO Academic Services at 934-2729 or come by the office located in Room 540 of the Hill University Center to apply for admission or to request more information.