Drug-Free Campus Policy for Students

December 14, 1991

(Replaces policy dated September 26, 1990)
[Edited October 12, 2011, to reflect changes in organizational structure]

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  • Policy Statement

    This policy is applicable to all students enrolled in credit course(s) or degree-granting programs at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and to all students receiving academic credit at UAB (other than for continuing education units) for study in a program in a foreign country conducted by UAB alone or in conjunction with a foreign university.

    Unlawful possession, use, manufacture, distribution, or dispensing of illicit drugs, controlled substances, or alcoholic beverages by any UAB student on UAB property or as part of any UAB-sponsored or UAB-sanctioned activity is prohibited. The legal possession, use, or distribution of alcoholic beverages on UAB property or at UAB-sponsored or UAB-sanctioned activities is governed by the UAB General Policy Regarding the Use and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages and applicable local, state, and federal laws.

    In certain situations, the University is required to report the activities prohibited by this policy to appropriate law enforcement authorities. In all cases, the University may report activities prohibited by this policy to appropriate law enforcement authorities if it appears that the activity is a violation of law.

    Disciplinary Actions

    Violations of this policy constitute nonacademic misconduct and will be subject to established disciplinary action for nonacademic misconduct in accordance with stipulations in the Direction Student Handbook or other applicable procedures. Violations of this policy by students should be reported to the appropriate student affairs office or other office handling student nonacademic misconduct in the same manner in which other instances of nonacademic misconduct are reported.

    In some cases of violation of this policy for unlawful use, a student may be given, at the discretion of the University, the option to participate satisfactorily in an approved drug or alcohol abuse assistance or rehabilitation program in lieu of dismissal. Participation in such an assistance or rehabilitation program is at the expense of the student.

    Drug-free Awareness Program   

    At least annually, UAB shall inform students of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse on campus, of the existence of this policy statement and its penalties for violations, and of available drug and alcohol counseling, rehabilitation, and assistance through the following activities:
    1. Publication, at least annually, of this policy in appropriate student publications and distribution to students in UAB's foreign programs and to students in programs conducted in conjunction with foreign universities;
    2. Inclusion of this policy in future editions of student class schedules and/or registration materials, student handbooks, and student catalogs;
    3. Dissemination of this policy and of information at student orientation and assistance programs regarding the dangers of drug and alcohol use and abuse and available rehabilitation programs; and
    4. Continuation, and expansion, of the UAB drug and alcohol awareness program which includes sponsorship of the "Alcohol/Drug Awareness Week" and publication of pamphlets and other materials.

    Applicability to Other Policies

    Other drug-free policies created to cover specific areas of the University may be more restrictive than this policy but may not be less restrictive. At a minimum, other such policies must include, or reference, the provisions of this policy. Violators will be subject to the provisions of the more stringent policy but will not be punished under more than one policy for the same offense.

    This policy does not revoke or otherwise interfere with policies in the health professional schools designed to determine whether health care professionals are impaired and to offer rehabilitation, subject to the above provisions.

    The wording in the "Non-academic Conduct" section of the Direction student handbook which relates to causes of dismissal due to the use, possession, etc. of illicit drugs, controlled substances, or alcoholic beverages references only certain provisions of this more extensive policy. The entire policy is applicable in all cases even if the policy itself is not printed in full.


    The "Applicable Legal Sanctions," "Drug and Alcohol Use Health Risks," and "Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Programs" attached to this policy are a part of the policy but may be revised from time to time without affecting the policy itself.

    Effective Date and Implementation    

    This policy is effective immediately upon its being signed by the President.

    The offices of the appropriate Vice Presidents are responsible for the development and maintenance of procedures to implement this policy within their areas of responsibility.

    In addition to being distributed to students on the UAB campus, this policy will be distributed to students in UAB's foreign programs and to students in programs conducted in conjunction with foreign universities. The Vice Provost for Student and Faculty Success is responsible for all distributions to students covered by this policy.