Non-Smoking Policy

September 14, 2004 (Replaces policy dated April 3, 1991)


As an institution dedicated to the preservation of health and the prevention of disease, it is important for UAB to provide the means for protecting the health of its faculty, staff, students, patients, and visitors from the hazards associated with inhaling smoke from tobacco products used within the confines of UAB buildings and facilities.

Policy Statement

All buildings, facilities, and spaces (including covered walkways and covered parking) that are owned, rented, or leased by the University of Alabama at Birmingham are nonsmoking areas with the exception of spaces leased by UAB to third parties for uses not related to UAB, subject to the provisions of a contract. With approval of the Vice President for Research, an exception to this policy may be made for research involving smoking. Major UAB components that control a block of UAB buildings (such as the UAB University Hospital) may implement nonsmoking policies that are more restrictive than this policy, but such policies may not be less restrictive than this policy.

Signs should be posted at all main building entrances and, as appropriate, should be located throughout buildings to advise occupants that smoking is prohibited. All employees and students are expected to be good stewards of UAB's property and grounds, and individuals who choose to smoke outside of, but near, UAB buildings are expected to place the remains of tobacco products in proper receptacles.

Disciplinary Action

A violation of this policy by an employee, including faculty, shall result in disciplinary action according to established UAB disciplinary procedures up to, and including, discharge. A violation of this policy by a student constitutes nonacademic misconduct, and the student will be subject to established disciplinary action.


The Vice President for Financial Affairs and Administration is responsible for overall procedures to implement this policy, including procedures relative to visitors to the campus. The Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible for procedures to implement this policy as it relates to students, student organizations, and student facilities. The UAB University Hospital Executive Director is responsible for procedures to implement this policy as it relates to Hospital facilities, Hospital employees, and patients.